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Our Services Head Hunting Directors, Senior Managers and Executives
Directors, senior managers and executives

The need for good managers remains and increases due to the increased demands and market demands. The challenge faced by many businesses is finding capable managers. The traditional curriculum emphasizes the skills and experience of people and can provide a clear picture of the candidate to the specific post; however because of the importance of the decision to the shareholders, management team, rest of the organization and even the candidate himself, a comprehensive evaluation according to the level of the post is the best advice and professional.

Moreover, discretion and confidentiality in the initial stages of approach to the elected candidates should be pursued, are of great significance and importance to the success of the process, as well as the level of dialogue, professionalism and expertise of the consultant. The capture process CRUMA managers, is designed to create more opportunities to find the right candidates. For example, a more flexible approach in terms of sources, screening and selection can be a great help. The fact of giving more credit to the characteristics and personal experiences from a combination of previous jobs can help to identify more qualified people. The same strategy can reveal the potential of a person, in addition to focusing on the employment history of it.

The combination of a flexible perspective on capacity assessment with a rigorous "due diligence of the people" also creates a better opportunity to find the manager that best fits your situation. This increases the potential for success now and as your business grows.

Our EDC (Executive Consulting Team), has participated nationally in catchment processes directors and executives as significant sectors such as Machinery, Chemical, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Engineering, Financial Institutions, Insurance, Food, etc .






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