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The change to a company's success begins with proper identification of the people needed to manage the process, being a prerequisite for the implementation of the new strategy step.

Today, we can say that there is only a fixed or constant element in the business dynamics: changing at a rapid pace.

In this situation the considerations regarding the evaluation and adjustment or restructuring are inevitable to meet your current and potential customers.

Are they set in the short-medium term plans change? Do you have people able to manage the process?

Changes in the business model, "active" seeking opportunities, adaptation and policy changes with renewed vision, require new skills and capabilities with low error to manage these changes.

If you find yourself in situations like those listed, or needs a change process, the Technical Consultants CRUMA team will help. We will assess the current skills profile, compared to that required by the needs of its customers, resulting starting point to identify which company profile and competency must meet and what positions to achieve results. We will select the right people to fill key positions with guaranteed success, finally working on the integration and achievement or attainment of a high performance team and integrated into the common cause of business persons.





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