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Sectors of Activity Life Sciences and Health Care
Life Sciences and Health Care

The main challenges for companies in "healthy" situation.

During the next five years at least those related to life sciences sectors and health care will be subject to greater regulation, a reduction of medications, aging population, globalization, major advances in technologies in front of some spirals increasing costs and finally the need to break with greater presence in the market of services and health products.

Few industries change as quickly as the science of life and health care markets.

Historically, the demands of human capital in this sector have been complex. Market forces are accelerating the pace of change.

Companies and organizations that will prosper most, are those that are able to attract, acquire, retain and develop the best leaders. In this situation, the need to find key people outside the health sector will only increase.

Our experience fuels her success

For 28 years, CRUMA has built and maintained strong relationships with market leaders in the major segments of this sector:

  • Pharmaceuticals biotechnology generic
  • Medical Equipment and Devices diagnosis
  • Services Private Health Care Public
  • Service Health Care

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