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CRUMA Consulting: Recruiting and Search, Training, Coaching and Research

CRUMA is, since 1985, a company of reference Consultancy, specializing in, Executive Search, Recruitment, Competence Training, Coaching Programs and Business Studies at the service of companies and institutions, providing and increasing value to participate in improving competitiveness, always a must. Throughout his career, CRUMA has remained true to its founding spirit, and it remains one of his many signs of identity. The performance of such business consulting CRUMA, primarily falls under the following behavior model:

Reply comprehensively and in turn specialized to the concerns, needs and demands of business services that arise in organizations and institutions, and this has set up a group of activities or business, dynamic and innovative technical services.

Assume the service and commitment. Our goal is not limited to the implementation of projects or studies and suggest solutions; our commitment is to become agents of change and improvement, implicating the heads of companies and institutions, to the achievement of the objectives.

Vocation for teamwork: CRUMA, is composed of a multidisciplinary team of experienced professionals and technical . This allows us to deal with complex situations, applying various techniques and ensure the effectiveness of the implemented systems.

In line with customer orientation and service you deserve, have been incorporating new methodologies, according to the changes and trends occurring in the market, with a high professional standard, which has made it possible not only to maintain our market position, but also achieve higher levels of engagement, customer loyalty, entering new sectors, and all thanks to the positivity rates and success achieved, assuming a reference position in the business environment, particularly in the field of Human Resources.





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